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Pre-Press Checklist

Check your spelling

Run spell check every time, but remember spell check will not catch “it's” instead of “its”, or “there” instead of “their”. Please double check the content.

Delete unused colors

Review the color palette in your document. Delete any colors that are not being used in your final artwork file.

Define colors correctly

If the job is to be done in spot color, be sure your PMS colors are defined as spot, not process. If you don't define your colors as spot, your job will output incorrectly. For instance, instead of getting one plate for PMS 123 and one for PMS 185, you'll end up with four plates – one each of cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

Match color names throughout all graphic programs

If you're using PMS 123 on the job, double check that each application where you have used that color is titled exactly the same. Especially watch for this when using imported graphics.

Define color space correctly

Check any imported images you're using in your layout to make sure they are defined using the correct color space (CMYK).

Build bleed if necessary

If the ink is to run to the edge of the stock please extend the color or images beyond the trim boundaries. A standard bleed for press is .125” beyond the edge of the trim.

Ensure that images are the proper resolution

If you have raster files (i.e. Photoshop) in the document, make sure the resolution is high enough for the intended use. We suggest 150-300dpi for an image at 100%.

All imported images are an appropriate format for printing.

Do not send .GIF or .JPEG files. Convert them to TIFF or EPS files. If these conversions are needed please keep in mind the resolution and color space.

Use real fonts

Always specify fonts by using the actual font instead of selecting the “fake font” by using the cheater buttons offered in some programs such as QuarkXpress.

Double-check fonts

Make sure every font used in the document is also included in the folder you send to the printer. • Provide a PDF Create a PDF from your final document and include it with the job. This gives us a chance to double check the file when we open it on our end.

Collect for Output

Once all steps above have been completed, you need to collect all the files to be sent to us. If you are using a page layout software such as QuarkXpress, the software can collect everything for you by simply selecting Collect for Output under the file menu.

The ultimate goal is to have your document, all imported images, fonts and a PDF together in a folder to send to the printer.




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